Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Updated list on 21 Feb 2010

Polaroid one step flash in box

Polaroid spice (collector's piece)

Polaroid 210 with case and bulbs required for flash
Uses fuji pack film FP100C available almost everywhere around $18 or lesser

Polaroid EE-100
Uses fuji pack film FP100C available almost everywhere around $18 or lesser

One step 600 rainbow

Polaroid one 600

Polaroid Sun 600 SE

Polaroid one step talking camera

Polaroid Amigo

Polaroid one step

Polaroid Land Camera 1000 Pictures, Images and Photos

Polaroid land 1000
SX-70 Film/ 600film
$110 (increased price becus i changed supplier thanks)

Polaroid Supercolor 635CL Pictures, Images and Photos

Polaroid supercolor 635CL
600 film


  1. Where do you buy the film for one step 600 rainbow or Polaroid one step flash in box?

    Send your reply to my email:


  2. Hello .
    Are you still selling any of the polaroid camera?
    Can you reply to
    Thankyou .

  3. hi do you still sell the polaroid land 1000? and how much is the film and where can i get it? replu to urgent!!! thank you.

  4. Are you still selling the Polaroid supercolour
    635cl ? Pls reply me by

  5. Hi!
    Are you still selling the Polaroid one step flash in box/One step 600 rainbow?
    Anw,are the films similar to the Fujifilm's?

    Pls reply me at
    Thank you! :D

  6. I am interested in buying the Polaroid One Step Flash. Still for sale?

    Sms me at 96160614

  7. Are you still selling One Step 600 Rainbow?
    And where can i buy the films? Do you sell them?
    Pls reply me via

  8. hellos int to purchase the cameras! do text me at 81864592 ! thnx!

  9. Hello, I would like to purchase one of the polaroids, please email me at , thanks:D

  10. I'm interested in the One step 600 rainbow. Still got sell? Email me @ Thanks. :)

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  12. Hi ! I'm interested in the polaroid One step 600 rainbow and Polaroid land 1000 . Are any of these two available ? Please mail me at . Thanks :D

  13. Hi, I need to know if there's still stock available for polaroid 210 and EE 100. As for both, will e flash be provided? and can i purchase the film toogether with it? Do quote the price too. Need it for a birthday gift. Thank you so much. Please reply to Good day.


  14. hi, just want to ask what type of films would be used for this type of camera? and the estimated price of the films?:D

  15. hi, was wondering, if you still have the polaroid cameras still? please advise. (:

  16. Hi! I am interested in the spice cam. Can you please get back to me asap?